PLEASE FIX! - Rich Content on Mobile

The new Rich content addition to the Wix Editor is Amazing but there is a detail that has been overlooked.

It has no Settings option on Mobile!

This is a big problem because now you can’t edit the Header sizes, colors, and fonts like you can on the Desktop version.

If you’re like me, you are stoked to transfer your blog’s constant over to the New customizable Rich content and make your blog much better, but not being able to tweak the settings and customize the Mobile version of the Rich contact element is an obvious deal-breaker.

I want to believe that this is something the Wix team just overlooked and not something they simply plan on not adding because it will kill the element altogether…

Mobile version of any website is very important so PLEASE take this Fix into consideration.

Thank you.

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You can vote for this feature request here, , or submit a new request to Wix Customer Care .

The page you mentioned is not about Rich content but rather about the regular text element. The issue I’m having is with the Brand new Rich Content element that connects to your Content Manager.

Wix added the Settings option on Desktop but not on mobile. It might of been overlooked but it is a pretty big issue.

I will however forward it to the Wix Customer Care. Thank you for the suggestion!


I strongly agree with every word. This is a HUGE problem.