Please help!


Hi guys, first of all, thank you very much for reading.

I would like you to help me, what I need to know is how can I make two different user information come together in a single line of text?

I leave sample photo:

This in Spanish:

Cumpleaños = Birthday Day
F.Cumpleaños = Birthday Month

I would like to put it together in a line of text:

The day and date connected by the word “DE” All in one line.

I await your help. Thank you very much

Postscript: I know almost nothing of code, if they could write it with instructions I would thank them enough. Blessings

On my website, I accomplished this by simply using separate texts, in your case 3.
Link the first to the number, leave the “DE” not linked, and link the last text to the month.

This is assuming you are linking these two columns independently to some other elements, if not then of course it would be easier to have all of them in the same column and use a .contains() instead of .eq() command if you intend to create a search filter.

you can combine strings with the + operator

day = String(30) //turns an item into a string
month = "mayo"

$w('#text189').text = day + " de " + month

'30 de mayo'