Preview In Editor Looks Different

My page has text user input with a customized design. The fill color/opacity is set to grey/44% in the editor, but displays as white in Preview mode. Why isn’t it the same in preview and in the editor? I’m thinking Wix editor is unstable, and I should cut my losses and move on…and take my website with me.

I have used the Wix Editor since 2012 and I haven’t noticed this behaviour as you describe. What browser do you use in the editor on what computer, PC or Mac or Linux based? Can you also please share screenshots from both editor mode and preview mode.

Thanks for responding. I’m using Chrome on a Dell PC. First pic is Preview, Second pic is Editor. It must be something to do with being connected to a collection, because the first two user inputs were connected to a collection, and when I removed the connection, they displayed correctly.

Hi Katie,

These fields are connected in a way that makes them disabled, thus they are greyed out.
Make sure the relevant dataset is set to Write mode
you can find more information here .