Preview Sites (Expiration Dates)

I use “get feedback” links a LOT when I work with clients. However, I am routinely receiving text messages from them saying their preview site link doesn’t work anymore.

There doesn’t seem to be any consistency to this problem. Some seem to expire after a couple of weeks, others after a couple of days. Is there a set time they work?

Feature Request: It would be GREAT if we could turn off the expiration of “get feedback” links. Better yet, would be to have the ability to set our own expiration date.

Hey Shannon - Great points. It’s a feature request, for sure, and I will make sure the team sees this my friend. :slight_smile:

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@brett While I’m making suggestions, I would also like to note that when a client adds a node/comment to their preview site, it floats. In other words, if their browser is narrower than mine the nodes don’t match up with whatever they’re trying to comment on.

It would be great if those nodes stayed fixed/locked on the page where they add them so that regardless of the browser width they stay fixed.

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@brett And…one more. The ability to have a client add an attachment to a comment would be huge. They could provide a replacement photo, a Word .doc or whatever.

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@shannon64283 Hey, Shannon.

I thought the same when I started using their Get Feedback link. Thankfully, I came across Markup and it’s honestly so much better.

Here is their link if you want to check it out —