Pricing Plan Flow via Velo Does NOT Match Payments Widget Flow

I have been using a repeater to display my available pricing plans. I do this because I want them displayed in a unique way that the payments widget does not allow (at least didn’t allow). I noticed that the user experience when they sign up - the pages they go through - does not match the flow the user will see when clicking on a pricing plan through the payments widget. The pricing plans have settings (eg. having a custom form with additional info). These settings are followed when using the payments widget. When using the Velo code and " checkout . startOnlinePurchase ( planId )" that I found on this page: - the settings are ignored. It just asks for some basic user info and then payment info. It doesn’t have a place for a coupon code or use the custom forms. It’s also a popup instead of being inline.
Any ideas on how to have the velo code follow the exact flow set up by the settings for the pricing plans?

You can see examples of this by going to:

Velo code: TVTC

Payments widget: TVTC

Thank you!!!