Pro Gallery - Expand mode transitions broken?


Is anyone else seeing this 2 problems as well with Pro Gallery image’s transitions ?

  1. In Mobiles breakpoint, whether you set “Swipe animation” to expand , fade or carousel doesn’t change anything anymore online. Result : if you swipe a little to strong on a Mobile, several images will slide at the same time, with only one swipe.
    Moreover , in “Expand mode settings page” preview with arrows <> is broken as well .

  2. In Desktop breakpoint, when surfing online in expand mode, keyboard’s arrows <> doesn’t trigger cut transitions anymore, but generates a fade with a flash artefact. If right arrow on screen is clicked once, flash artefact is not there anymore, but we don’t get “cut” transition as previously.
    Moreover, spacebar key that triggered fade transition will not work as well until right arrow on screen is clicked once… Why these changes ? It was great to get both transition types (cut or fade), no flashes, and spacebar working straight.

All this was working perfectly in Pro Gallery still a few days ago… Missing something?

Thank you for a quick feedback.

Hi @delvalbenoit , I’m Tally from the Editor X team. Thanks for reaching out. Please open a support ticket here , including the site URL, so we can look into this. Thanks!

Thanks Tally, ticket created :slight_smile: