Pro Gallery Play button - not legible against light/white video background. Please fix. #bugreport

Hi Editor X, currently the Pro Gallery Play button is just a tiny small white triangle and it’s not considering videos with light/white background. Many times I got clients complaining they don’t realize it’s a video cause they can’t see the triangle clearly.

It should be something has contrast elements by its own, maybe you could have a black or white circle as the backdrop, then the triangle play icon is the opposite color of the circle.

Here’s a bad example to show my point but at least it guarantees legibility:

I understand you can add “custom” buttons, but when we do, it’ll get applied to all items in the gallery not just the videos, so it’s not an option to solve the problem.

Please upvote this if you face the same challenge - little UX decisions like this matter!

that’s fair point @penn we will forward it to Pro Gallery team