Problem filtering datasets

I have a database collection called “Dogs” with a referenced field called “Description” who is linked to another collection called “Devision” that uses the “Description” field as primary.

If on my page I create a dataset “Dogs” based on another called “Devision” where I use different filters based by the rules “field”(Description) → “if not” → “value” (5 different values of 7 in total). Then the dataset “Devision” would show all records based on the 2 values left. Until there no problem. But when I filter the “Dogs” dataset based on the “Devision” dataset, it only takes 1 of both criteria into account, not both. This means that the dataset “Dogs” only reads one record (probably the first based on the collections sorting).
I tried it an other way too.
I created 2 datasets “Devision1” and “Devision2” where in both seperate datasets I filtered 1 criteria “field” (Description)->“is”->“Value” (the one I needed) and then created 2 filters in the “Dogs” dataset based on Devision1 dataset and Devision2 dataset. When using it this way, no records are shown… This should mean that the filtering always is bases on AND and that it’s impossible to filter based on OR.
The same problem occurs when filtering the dataset “Dogs” based on an other dataset “Devision” where in that dataset I used 2 filtercriteria “field” (Description)->“is”->“Value” (the ones I needed). There too no records are shown…
As I use a reference field it’s impossible to work otherwise (filter based on another dataset) for as far as I know because I’m new to Wix. I’m used to program in Mysql x php.
And in deed one can use the API’s code generator or write it themselves backend, but not everybody knows js coding language, especially not a novice… lol :wink: .
So maybe it would be a good idea to give website creators the possibility, when they add a second filter to the dataset, to choose between AND or OR before they add a second filter? PS Just an idea…

In brief what are you looking to accomplish?

Filtering 1 field with 2 different values with an OR from a referenced dataset.

You can do that with code, not in the settings panel.