Problem with rich content hyperlink

I have this dropdown selection which i created inside the rich content… the dropdown itself has hyperlinks that directs the user towards their preferred choice (which is a wix page) but when i clicked it, it doesnt open (i tried it on tryit editor and it work)

How are you creating this? Are you using Text Element ? Note that the TextElement only supports a subset of HTML. Please show your code (in a code block) so we can see what you are doing?

You might want to consider using a Custom Element. See the Custom Element Dropdown example.

@yisrael-wix i’m creating it using the rich content… is the rich content supports the code or not?

@reymcfc No, the intention of rich content is not for code. Rich content only supports a very limited subset of HTML.

You should consider using a Repeater in native Velo code to build your dropdown navigation. Or use the Custom Element .

@yisrael-wix alright thanks a lot for the info!