Problems connecting WIX FORMS INPUT FIELDS to database collections.

I tried connecting the fields to one of my database collections, but the data is only being stored in the database that Wix created when I created the form. I’m willing to update my index table by connecting the Wix Form fields to it, but several of the Wix Forms input fields seem to be disabled by default. Is anyone else having this issue?

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Hi Juanita,

Please provide more details - screenshots of the form configuration for the problematic fields, also the collection details.

Please verify that you are using the correct dataset. Here you can find the detailed guide for creating a Form and storing the input into a collection: Velo Tutorial: Creating a Form to Store User Input in a Database Collection | Help Center |

Having just gone through an entire site build adding 20 odd forms I can’t find a way to link them to a database. It’s easy if you make a form and link it to a database at the same time, as per the tutorial but what if you’ve got existing forms that you need to connect?

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