Problems with design on Mobile view

Hi, for a few days I have been having problems with the design of the pages on the Mobile view.
When I go to size any object (table, strip, section etc), the value of the height (H) ( toolbar on the right ) starts to modify by itself, magically, covering in some cases the objects on the page.
Do you know the reasons why this happens?

Thank you and sorry for the bad english

No worries about the English, mate. We’re all here to help and learn together. I guess you need to just look in the settings and switch off the automatic size adjustment.

If it happens again I will try to look at that site. Thanks

If the automatic size adjustment feature is turned on and you’re experiencing issues with objects resizing themselves, it could be due to a few reasons:

  1. Responsive settings: The automatic size adjustment feature works by adjusting the size and position of objects based on the responsive settings you’ve set for each object. If the responsive settings aren’t configured properly, it could cause objects to resize or move unexpectedly.

  2. Content changes: If you’re making changes to the content on your page, it could affect the size and position of other objects on the page, causing them to resize or move.

  3. Browser issues: Sometimes, issues with the Wix editor can be caused by compatibility issues with specific browsers. If you’re experiencing issues with objects resizing themselves, try using a different browser to see if the issue persists.
    I mean the idea is to review the responsive-site settings

Hope it will help you…