Product Update: Additional Languages in the Partner Dashboard and Wix Marketplace!

Yes, the headline is correct!

The Partner Dashboard and Wix Marketplace are now open to additional languages. :sparkles:

Languages Available:

  • English

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Japanese

  • Italian

  • German

  • Dutch

  • Ukrainian (NEW)

  • Czech (NEW)

  • Korean (NEW)

  • Russian (NEW)

  • Thai (NEW)

  • Swedish (NEW)

  • Turkish (NEW)

  • Danish (NEW)

  • Norwegian (NEW)

  • Chinese (NEW)

  • Polish (NEW)

Keep in mind that benefits and features might not yet be available in some languages. For inquiries regarding benefits and features, reach out to our marketplace team from your Partner Dashboard .

As you all know, the team is working very hard to make these updates possible! Stay tuned, as there is more to come. :sparkles: