Property "data" does not exist on type "Dataset"


I followed a wix video “How to Collect & Display User-Generated Content on Your Website” ( and I have an error related with the data property that certainly does not exist

Among many other things, I have a lack of knowledge related with objects and managing data resulted from a query…

Any help will be welcome


import wixData from ‘wix-data’ ;

function getData () {

let query = wixData.query( “clubbitComentarios” );

return query.limit( 1000 ).find().then(results => {
console.log( “getData” , results);
return results.items;



$w( ‘#dataset1’ ).onAfterSave( () => {

getData().then((items) => {
$w( ‘#dataset2’ ).data = items; //ERROR MESSAGE = Property “data” does not exist on type “Dataset”


First, you cannot ‘apply’ the data to a dataset. Please directly apply the data to your repeater OR use $w( ’ #dataset2 ’ ).refresh to refresh.