Read more expansion

We are creating a website in EditorX that is supposed to act as a manual for a project that we are working on.

Every container is fully expanded so it works on more platforms (responsible). However in some of the subjects (container sites) we have more text than we can fit so here is our question:

How do we add a “read more” expansion the expands downwards if clicked? and therefore shows the rest of the text?

Here is the site:

p.s. do not have a stroke, the colours are to distinguish between subjects :smiley:

There’s two ways to do this: you can use the Wix FAQ app which has that functionality.

It can also be done with the use of minimal code.

As an aside, the use of different colors is fine. :grinning:
The yellow section does not have text currently but if the text will stay the same color (white), it may be hard to read.