Reese Creative Design Site using Editor X

This is still in progress, it is with my proofer now and I will be making those changes this weekend.

The whole Idea is an astronaut flying around space holding a flag with the Reese Creative Design logo on it. I am a designer not a developer so I am a little limited on what all I can do. I used the layers and sticky containers to try and show movement through space with the astronaut in different situations. I plan to also add a store later that sells T-shirts for some events we are currently designing.

I am a little concerned about the load time time. It only gets a 27 on the google page speed insights test. Please see the screen shots below.

I used .png files and I am hoping that if I make them smaller that will help.

I have some technical questions:

  1. Is there any other image type I could use that will compress that allows for transparent backgrounds?

  2. Would using .svg files instead of .png files make a difference? I am not sure if I can make the illustrations small enough to upload yet (they use gradients and have a lot of details which I believe I will have to edit) but they are all made as vectors in .ai in hopes that I can.

  3. I also have some .png images that are displayed in one break point but not the other(s) on the same page, does that contribute to page speed?

  4. Does anyone have insights oh how to make it faster other than the image files?

  5. How important is this page speed insight test to you as website creators?

I appreciate your time looking at this and all feedback is greatly welcomed. Thanks!

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for your post. If you send a message to our experts on our support team they’ll be able to help with your questions. You can get in touch with them here:


Thanks Maria!

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