Related items only by collection

Hi! I’m not a coder so I’m really struggling and I’ve been at this for hours.

I’m trying to follow the Wix tutorial (but I can’t add a link, but velo-tutorial-adding-a-related-products-area-to-a-wix-store-product-page).

In the first couple of rows it links to a template, and that’s where I took the code from.

I managed got my related products to show, yay - and everything looked great in the preview, but once I Published it shows random products (both based on price and the list created).

My main concern is to get rid of the Price-check entirely. I just want it to look at the related list I’ve created.
How can I remove the price part entirely?

I’d love to add the code, but “I can’t post links”…sigh.

But I can add a picture! Hope that works =)