Remove bottom to top scroll when opening new page

Same here… it “feels” like something is anchored on my footer. Because even when I’m on the Edit page, if I delete or copy an element, it automatically scrolls back to the bottom…

I just found something… I have a Google Map on my footer… if I remove it, it starts working fine. Somehow it loads this map first (and I don’t know how to change it)… if someone knows how to do that, would be greatly appreciated,

Perhaps this post can help…

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I’m facing exactly the same issue for God knows how long and it’s VERY frustrating…have paid thousands to wix over the years for multiple websites and all I’m getting is poor user experience and lost revenue. I do not know how to code, so the above link does not help at all!!!

I found the same problem when I’m previewing it from the editor but when I actually preview it from Dashboard → Site Actions → Preview Site, it works out fine and it doesn’t have the problem anymore. Hope it helps! I also had no transition effects for the pages.

Site Menu > Page Transitions does not exist in my menu. Where do you find the settings to such of this feature.

this doesn’t open up for me

I have the same issue. Interface has change since the first posts and now I cannot fix this. If you find the solution, could u share it?