Repeater height adjustment

Good Day,

probably it will be an easy answer but I am struggling all day with this matter. I am making my own website I start with the header under the header I place 2 lines with text and then a repeater, I used them before in practice but now i cannot get it how to adjust the height.

first I tried it to apply a grid, don’t know what i am doing wrong, the i set the height of the page and that works but it fills the whole page and header to. I can adjust the percentage to match the screen but that is only in width.
anyone a simple solution.


Hi, @pleased . There are a few settings that can affect the height of your repeater. One that may not be obvious is the height of the repeater’s items. In the screenshot below, for example, the minimum height of the repeater is determined by the minimum height of the item. But that’s not obvious until I select an item.

But I’m just guessing because I’m not sure exactly what problem you’re having. Can you describe a bit more clearly what you’re doing, what you’re trying to achieve, and what’s going wrong? Maybe include a screenshot?