Repeater is just wildin' out on me

Hey there,

The listing price, full property address, square footage, and listing brokerage seem to be repeating themselves a bit too much …

As you can see, these elements are repeating for each item but displaying the same data over and over again:

  • These elements are not connected to any datasets - they’re just inside the repeater that is connected to my "allPropertiesDataset*

Full Property Address (green text):
I am trying to combine multiple field values in my collection to to display the full property address. This includes street address, city, and postal code. The address needs to be in sentence case, or “proper” case.

Listing Price:
I am trying to format the listing price into dollars without any decimals - ex. $1,234,567

Square Footage:
I am trying to change the square footage into number format with “SqFt” at the end and without any decimals - ex. 1,234 SqFt

Listing Office Name:
I am trying to format the listing office name so "Listing by " appears before the actual office name.


I am not sure you are using the repeater well.
the repeater will be changed after connecting it to dataset and connecting each element to dataset.

check this video and example to view all your items:

to make a dynamic page for each item:

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The listing price has to be in dollar format so the element can’t be connected to the dataset actually.


I think the problem is you are calling the same item over and over.
try change this,
$w(“#id”).text = $w(‘#allPropertiesDataset’).getCurrentItem().address;
to this:
$w(“#id”).text = itemData.address;

the same for the other fields.