Repeater still have a bug?

I use repeaters a lot, in every thing I do. But when loading a repeater still shows the user the templated data, and in a lot of cases that does not go away. Today I had a meeting with a client in Tel Aviv and showed the below page and they had some issues with that. I have no idea on how to go over this issue or if it is a bug. It troubles me and now some clients.

First time I hit this page ( is is shown as below. Second time or after reload it looks good.

I also have another client who is complaining about their page showing sailing boats before the real data shows. How can we get rid of this and make sure the data loads in first.

#repeater #datacollection #bug

Hi Andreas,
I can’t reproduce it, Can you give some pointers?
There is an error in line 36, “item” is not defined.