Restaurant Menus Filtered by Location

• So I have a Restaurant with two locations.
• I have certain menu items only available at one location
• I have my menu built in the Content Manager with fields to tag which items are available at which location
• Currently I just have two identical menu pages with each one filtered to only show that locations items. This kinda works, but it’s easy to leave the page, click back on a menu link and be shown the wrong info again.

So I feel like there is a simpler, better way to do this where I can only need one menu page, with a user input for location that can then filter just the information they need for their location.

I would also like to be able to have that location information be included in a URL for QR code’s in the restaurant so the user wouldn’t even need to select their location if they are in store.

So I’m just looking for help on where to get started with this. I’m not even quite sure of the terminalogy I should be searching for, so apologies if this is something thats been covered many times in this forum.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!