Retrieving data from collection

I am trying to make a FAQ on my website. This FAQ will be on all the product pages with different questions and answers, which are stored in the faq database.

I want to fetch questions and answers from the faq database according to the product I am viewing.

On the front-end, I have an accordion. I want to display data in that acccordian.

Please help! It’s urgent.

@soniaayush24400 This is not an urgent issue. An urgent issue is a Wix bug that breaks your production site.
This is functionality you need help coding. It is not appropriate for you to tag Wix team members for help in this situation, nor other members. Dima goes above and beyond to help users in his free time, and no doubt he would’ve come around to assist when he was available. Please refrain from this behavior in the future or you may be blocked.

If you need assistance, you can hire a developer through the Wix Marketplace or one of your favorite helpers here in the Forum.

Furthermore, you have already asked this question in another post and have received an answer (from me). Please observe the community guidelines and refrain from multiple posts.

The answer you provided wasn’t even my question. It provides a solution for how to create a collapsible accordian, but, I already created the accordian. I want to retrieve data from collection.

@soniaayush24400 Please see the following articles and documentation: