Return to a specific slide (last visited)

I’m working on an interactive calculator, where each question is on a different slide of a slider.

Once the calculations have been carried out, the result is then saved on another page. This part works perfectly (thanks to unbelievably smart people on this forum - thank you!)

However, I was just thinking whether it would be possible to create the following option. Let me explain with a practical example:

  • user is currently on slide(3)
  • he gets carried away and clicks on another page
  • but he decides to want to return back
  • at this point, I want him to return directly to the slide where he finished instead of going there all the way from slide(0)

Is such a thing possible?

I haven’t tried this before myself, but a place for you to start investigating possibly is getting the currentSlide() and storing that value in a session variable so that if they navigate away from the slide show and then come back within the session, you can grab that variable and load the correct slide to start from$w/slideshow/currentslide