Reveal image no longer working on live site

Hi, I just noticed “Reveal” image is suddenly not working anymore on my live website.

On I have two page wide images with ‘Reveal’ option. Before this working fine. However now the images are now static. Did anyone else has this issue?

Hi, I’m Shiri for the Editor X team.

I believe the issue has now been resolved. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Can you please check it also on your side? Please write us at if you’re still encountering this problem. Thanks!

I can confirm the issue is resolved. Thanks for the quick turnaround.

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Hi Shiri, Jeroen,
I see this post is from January, but I seem to have the same problem lately,

I am designing my website, and have been experimenting with “reveal” image scroll effect for a while. It used to work perfectly, till yeserday.
This is how it looks on chrome (updated regularly):

The thing is: it works perfectly on Microsoft Edge:

And on Safari (iPhone&ipad)

I have older experiments with the reveal effect from about half a year ago, and they all worked perfectly everywhere till yesterday.

I have some published EditorX sites that work perfectly on my chrome (though they only use parallax - not the reveal effect)

This is the temporary site:
Only a very rough WIP beginning.

I suspected the problem is local chrome on my machine:
cleared all wix’s cookies, cache, disabled extensions, disabled anti virus & firewall for a while. But the problem presists.

When I ctrl+refresh the images in between - another image is loaded - but the second one disappears.

Is there a solution for this?

Hey @koomkoom , I visited the url that you provided and I see that the reveal effect works as expected. Can you verify that it looks good on your end as well?
If not, have you tried visiting your site in anonymous mode?

Hi, yes of course, I even tried that + erased all editorx cookies + disable AV for a few minutes.
I suspect it’s something local - and only for chrome, (Microsoft Edge works)

but I don’t know what…?