Rich text is not getting submited to collection

I’ve added a rich text editor similar to the one described in this tutorial: Velo Tutorial: Creating a Rich Text Editor Using the HTML Component | Help Center |
On the page with the editor all the fields load up properly, with CKEditor I can change the content of the text box that’s linked to the rich text field.
When I submit the page all the fields get updated except the rich-text field.
I tried to update the dataset manually ie :


This didn’t work either.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

try this:
$w(’ #dynamicDataset ').setFieldValue(“Content”, );
$w(" #dynamicDataset ").save();

I hope this will solve it :wink:

Unfortunately its not working.

Just figured this out. The problem is that the field name and the field key in a collection isn’t the same. When creating a field the key gets changed to lower case, so it didn’t work with “Content”.


Glad you figured it out.
Good luck!

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