Saving multiple custom product options

Dear forum,

I’m creating a product configurator which has about 10-12 input options, so more than can be saved within the product configuration itself. My question would be: How do I store the additional data in a secure way?

One thing I thought about was storing it in the product’s custom text fields, but since the fields have a maximum length of 500 I would need to restrict the user input. Also if I’m saving the data in a “description = value;” kind of way, I would need to make sure users don’t use these special characters.

On the other hand I could store it in an additional database, but I haven’t come up with a good way to link the order (number) and a data row in the database.

So, what’s your approach? Any input is appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

PS: I found this page which deals with the same topic, but unfortunatly there’s only a link to the final result but not the template itself - Maybe someone has a link to the template?