Scroll error - help

Hello Everyone,

I was working on my site and attempted to combine the header and the section below so that the 2 would overlap. I did so by adding a section, then a strip and uploaded the video for the background. Now, when I preview, the video seems to be anchored - stopping me from scrolling through the site normally. Please see photo for reference

What editor are you working on ? classic or studio

I am working on the classic editor

Hey Thomas,

I get where you’re coming from. That sounds super frustrating. Here’s a quick rundown of some things you could try to fix the issue:

  1. Check Video Settings: Sometimes, videos set to “fixed” position can behave like this. Make sure your video background isn’t set to “fixed” or “parallax” if it’s causing scrolling issues.
  2. Layer Order: Make sure that your video isn’t overlapping any critical elements that might interfere with scrolling. Having the video as the topmost layer can sometimes mess things up.
  3. Section and Strip Settings: Double-check the settings for your section and strip. Sometimes, adjusting the height and positioning settings can help resolve these issues.
  4. Anchor Points: Ensure there are no anchor points that might be causing the video to stay put while the rest of the site scrolls.
  5. Preview vs. Published: Sometimes, what you see in preview mode isn’t exactly how it appears when the site is live. Try publishing the changes and see if the issue persists on the live site.
  6. Wix Support: If all else fails, reaching out to Wix support can sometimes get you a more precise fix tailored to your setup. This is if you really want to gamble though. I would avoid this option.

Give these a shot and see if any of them help. Good luck!

And just a heads-up, be careful putting too much trust in Wix. They’ve got a reputation for making big promises and then not quite delivering. You might end up more frustrated than you started if you take their word at face value. So, always double-check and take what they say with a grain of salt.