Scroll up function on a Post List?

I created a new page on my site, using the new Post List widget. The problem is that when pressed a number in the pagination bar, the new page opens, STAYS DOWN, does NOT automatically scrolls back up to the header. This is happening in both desktop and mobile version.
In the Blog Post page, all function as expected, even if the structure is very similar with that of a Post List.
I asked for help by submitting a ticket, Wix team answered they will look into it, but it passed more than a month and no update on the situation.
Can someone help to have the scroll up function on a Post List?
Thank you.

Hi @ovidiup76 !

It sounds like this might be a usability issue (great catch!) and it’s under investigation (which is why it might take a bit longer to hear back from our team).

Hello @sheyla , any updates on this matter? Thank you.