Search and click URL in dataset base on textbox input

Hi, I am trying to achieve the following. A user key in a string in a textbox with ID “carNum”. Then, after clicking on a button with ID “buttonSearch”, a webpage displaying the car details is displayed. I have created a dataset with ID “dataset1” that consist of two coloumns, named Car Number (Field Key: title) and Page (Field Key: page). Coloumn Car Number is set to be Primary Key. I need help on how to code the following flow :

  1. User key in to “carNum”
  2. After clicking “buttonSearch”, the string in step 1 is used to find the matching element in dataset1, Car Number coloumn. Once a match is found, the corresponding URL in Page coloumn is clicked.

Hope to have a guide on how to start the coding.



If you want to set up a search function for your database collection we have a complete tutorial that will show you how to do so, step by step.

Corvid Tutorial: Adding Collection Data Search Functionality

Hope this helps!

Dara | Corvid Team

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Thanks ! I am not familiar with the coding used by Wix, and the link seems pretty comprehensive.