Searching without Diacritical Marks

I use Vietnamese language in my product title.
When i type Vietnamese with Diacritical Marks to search, it’s ok.
But i want this: when user type without Diacritical Marks, it still display the result.
Somebody help me please !!

Here’s my search function:

function search() {
.contains(‘name’, $w(“#searchBar”).value)
.then(res => {

Here’re screenshots with and without Diacritical Marks:

I’m a bit confused. It seems from the screenshots that when you search without Diacritical Marks, it doesn’t show the results. Can you please clarify?


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Hi Tal,
Let me describe it again :slight_smile:
For example, i have a product with title is “Bùa yêu”, this string same as registered data in my database.
In my language, this title is “Bùa yêu” with Diacritical Marks. In English, it’s “Bua yeu” without Diacritical Marks.
I want that when my customer search that product, no matter what they fill in searching textbox is “Bùa yêu” or “Bua yeu”, the result is still displayed.

Hope you understand, please help me :slight_smile:
Thank Tal.

Hi Trinh. Have you found a solution?