Seating maps/arrangement feature: Need feedback!


We are working on seating arrangement feature, for allowing UoU to choose seats according to venue’s arrangement, and will be happy to get your feedback - what would you expect it to support? which need it can solve to you? how would you like to solve a race condition for a seat? how would you plan the seating map?

Thank you in advance!

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To start do you have a blueprint of the seating map?

Well, sorry for this lame questions
Resource locking has traditionally been done to avoid race condition. Didn’t that work?
The question could be at what time, we can lock the resource when multiple visitors just click on seats and not all will try to book it.

Other than that, following things would be helpful

  1. Blue print of hall and seat arrangement
  2. If paid seats, then cost of each seat
  3. Discount of some seat that are left alone in a row
  4. Venue will have many facility like Pantry, exit-entry doors etc, and people like to sit near or far from it. So showing few generic details will also help, but this can be take at phase2 of implementation.
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What I would do is take a picture of your seating map, manually section off the seating areas using Paint . net, Photoshop, or something; and then add the images to the page.
I would then make some “On Hover” and “On Click” events to each to highlight the seating chart (so that for example, if someone clicked on one part of the map, it will make the other map sections get lighter in color to denote that they chose a seating part). Make each Seating Chart Part Image to have the On Click Function of outputting the Seat Data, and then use that data to link it to a payment.
Heck if you give me a picture of the Seating Map, I’d do it for you within an hour.


Hey Brittani,

Just to 2x check - do you mean if there will be templates of the maps? So yes, previously created maps should be possible to be re-used.


Thank you very much for the feedback, it really helps.
Yes, indeed, seating reservation process and when multiple visitors try to reserve the seat has to be taken into account.
Other notes are also included into our goals.
Thank you once again!


Thank you very much for your feedback. That sounds interesting, we will definitely take this into account.
Thanks once again!

Regarding the race condition, I want to know, does Wix supports Push notification ?
In case of which, color code can be used to intimate users that the seat is in selection by other users as well, who ever goes to checkout page, will lock it first, Successful checkout will mark it as reserved.

So just to summarize the question, does Wix supports push notification ?