Send data from an email button to a Velo page

I need to tag my Triggered Email with some data, specifically the MemberID and TeamName from the Member who sends this INVITATION email. It’s an invitation to be part of a TEAM.

When the email recipient clicks on the button in the email, I want to send this data back to the Members page like this (or somehow)


and I want to use this to lookup the proper Team to REGISTER the Invitee to the TEAM. I figure just a regular Query of the TEAMMEMBERS table to do this, so I need the MemberID and TeamName to do this. (It is possible 2 or more members could have the exact same TeamName because they create the name)

My problem is how to make the URL hold the data or send it back from the email. then what code EXTRACTS it from the URL? Do I need a RESTAPI? or use HTTP get and put? or JSON? Can you give an example?

Hey, Instead of the team name, I would use the team slug (or team id) to avoid any issue with the name being URLized.

Then I would use query parameters to pass those 2 pieces of information.

something like /account/teamAccept?memberId=${memberId}&teamId={teamId}.

Another way to to this is to create an invites collection so that you can use a single id. That collection would be (_id, member, team, expiredDate, validity}

with member being a reference field to PrivateMember collection and team being a reference field to Team collection

You’ll have the dynamic page /invites/${id}

So that it would be easier because you simply need a dataset

Does it answer your question?

Yes, I’m going to try this! Thanks Kentin!