Serious Issue with Third Party Login

I have been having some issues with setting up third party login via an external API on my website. I have become VERY familiar with the generate session token Velo API guide found here: generateSessionToken - Velo API Reference -

I have updated my code many different times but I still can not make this work as expected. I have also verified that the Request URL, and login information I am trying to send to my API is correct and I can process a login in Postman.

Here is my code in full:

Custom Login Page:

import {authentication} from 'wix-members'
import {getLoginToken} from "backend/login"
import wixWindow from 'wix-window'

$w.onReady(function() {
    $w("#button1").onClick(function() {
        const email = $w("#email").value
        const password = $w("#password").value
        getLoginToken(email, password).then((loginResult) => {
            if(loginResult.approved) {
            } else {
                $w("#generalErrMsg").text = "email or password is incorrect. Please try again"

Login Backend function:

import {authentication} from 'wix-members-backend';
import encode from "nodejs-base64-encode";
import wixSecretsBackend from 'wix-secrets-backend';
import axios from "axios"

export async function getLoginToken(email, password) {
    console.log(email, password)
    const encodedPassword = await encode.encode(password, "base64")
    const encodedemail = await encode.encode(email, "base64")
    const u = await wixSecretsBackend.getSecret("userName")
    const p = await wixSecretsBackend.getSecret("password")
    const baseUrl = await wixSecretsBackend.getSecret("baseUrl")
    console.log("made it to step 2")
    const authInfo = await encode.encode(`${u}:${p}`, "base64")

    return axios({url: `${baseUrl}/Owners/Authenticate?encodedUserNameOrEmail=${encodedemail}&encodedPassword=${encodedPassword}`, method:"get", headers:{ Authorization: `Basic ${authInfo}`}}).then(res => {
        console.log("response from API", res)
        if(res.Value.Valid) {
            return authentication.generateSessionToken(email).then((sessionToken) => {
                return {
                    approved: true
        return {approved: false}

Now here is what I get when I inspect the network tab of the browser:

And here is how the request is sent:

Now the eagle eyed among you will immediately notice 2 things

  1. The response object returned from this call does not match the response object defined in the back end function.
  2. the login request is made as a POST request instead of a GET request (also as defined in the backend function)

This leads me to the conclusion that the Wix login API is not even attempting to call my API endpoint. This is further evidenced when I inspect the console. The first line of the backend function includes a console.log statement. That is nowhere to be found in the console. However what I DO see are the following errors:

I have tried to create this login functionality so many ways now that I am beginning to believe that Wix actually does not have the ability to login users using third party auth like their docs claim they do. If anybody has been successful with setting up this functionality on their own sites PLEASE share your knowledge with me. Thank you!