serving gated content

I want to be able to read an incoming request from a landing page and serve only users that have supplied a name and email content.

Is Velo the right tool for this?

Hello from the Wix DevRel Team!

Yes, this should be possible with Velo. Your description is a little bit vague, but I think what you’re describing could be created using a form with name and email fields that, once successfully submitted, redirects users to another page within your site.

You could also use the wix-members API so that users can sign up for an account and then have access to pages that are only accessible to users who have logged in.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Rob. More specifically, what I would like to do is have the customers register via a MailChimp generated landing page, and then send them to a URL that will allow them to download a file without the user performing an intermediate step.

Could I pass the a token or a “user is registered” status so that Wix allows them to download restricted content.

Maybe using a http-function + fetch?