Set Currency Converter default via APIs

Hi all, I want to set the default currency in the Wix converter based on the user location.
I get the location via an API call to an external web service, and I get the county and currency as a response. This is the easy part.
The issue is then to programmatically set the Wix dropdown to the respective currency, cannot find any method to access it.
Just for clarity, I am using the default Wix converter ( .
Thanks in advance if you can help!

I will answer to myself, so that it can be useful to others. There is a quick way to achieve this, just by playing with the query string. For instance, adding


to your store or product pages URL, will tell the Wix Converter app to convert.

So, after all, it’s pretty easy.

It’s just a shame that the plugin does not work on the Cart page, where all prices and the total are only shown in the main currency of the website.