Should We be Using Sketch for Editor X Sites?

Hi Community X! :smiley:

I found an amazing YT video from a Wix designer who created one of the fabulous Editor X templates that’s available for us to use! During her grid tutorial, she states NUMEROUS times that she uses Sketch prior to designing in Editor X. In particular, she mentioned Sketch was helpful for determining font sizes when text scaling. I found this incredibly interesting as text scaling has always puzzled me. But more importantly, it got me wondering…what in the world is Sketch??? And if it can make me a better Editor X designer, sign me up!

I went ahead and downloaded Sketch, which seems to be a helpful tool in the pre-designing process. (I’m still trying to figure out how to text scale in it though – haha!) But ultimately, is Sketch a handy tool or a time-consuming one, when designing Editor X sites? I imagine Sketch isn’t vital to use, but if a primo Wix designer uses it…well, shouldn’t us Editor X users be familiar with it, too?

I’m pretty good with Editor X, having spent hundreds of hours working on it over the past year. But if Sketch helps to make me an even better Editor X designer, I’m open to investing more time and money into a subscription for it.

Any thoughts? :thinking:

PS. Below is the fab Editor X YT video I watched, which references Sketch – enjoy!

Hi @marisa59229 ,
I’m Noa from the Editor X team.
We are happy to hear you are enjoying our product.
Regarding your question, there are a ton of great prototyping tools out there, you can either find one that suits you—or prototype directly on the Editor X canvas.
Coming with a plan for each breakpoint speeds up the creation process and makes it easier to create your site.

That’s what I’m gathering from the research that I’ve been doing as well. Thank you for your reply! :smiling_face: