Show a default photo if a user does not upload their own photo.

Hi all,
I’m creating a product review section in Wix Stores where customers can submit a review and also upload a photo of themselves (besides name, location etc.) which will be displayed next to their review.
If a customer doesn’t upload a photo, I want a standard photo of the brand to be displayed next to their review. When I try it with the following code, the default photo is displayed for a split second, but then disappears. However, the users uploaded own photos (which are stored in the database), are visible.
Can you tell me what I am doing wrong, as I don’t have much experience yet…

Many thanks and greetings,

// If a photo was uploaded for the review:
if ( {
// Set the image URL from the item data.
$w( ‘#reviewImage’ ).src =;
// Expand the image.
$w( ‘#reviewImage’ ).expand();
} else {
$w( ‘#reviewImage’ ).src = ‘wix:image://v1/testlink.jpg/_testlink.jpg#originWidth=3264&originHeight=4928’ ;
$w( ‘#reviewImage’ ).expand();


$item (choose one only)

instead of

$w (choose all review image)

Thanks so much for your reply, but sorry still don’t fully get it… what would be the could from …else to the end in that case? Thank you so much!