Show boxB after hiding boxA

Hello. Very nooby here, so thanks in advance for the guidance.
I’m building this site:

Homepage current behavior:

  1. Words (attached to boxWords) appear one after the other
  2. A slideshow appears
  3. “Hello.” (textHello) appears
  4. The words (boxWords) disappear

So far, this is exactly the desired behavior. However, once all of those steps have happened, I want a second set of words (attached to boxMenu) to fade in, all at the same time, in the exact spot where the previous words had been.

I thought I should be able to show boxMenu based on the event boxWords_viewportLeave(event). I’ve also tried collapsing boxWords instead of hiding. boxMenu is currently has default value: Colllapsed.

//Only shows small logo if on mobile

import wixWindow from 'wix-window';
if(wixWindow.formFactor === "Mobile"){

//Menu replaces initial words

.then( ( ) => {
     setTimeout( () => {
     }, 8000);

export function boxWords_viewportLeave(event) {
 // This function was added from the Properties & Events panel. To learn more, visit
 // Add your code for this event here: 
What am I doing wrong / not doing?

What am I missing?

Thank you!!!