Show/hide button in a repeater when checkbox in the item is checked.

I am new to Wix and Velo. I have a repeater (#repeater8). Each item in the repeater has a button (#btnAddToTeam) and a checkbox (#selectBox). I want the button in that repeater item to show when the checkbox is checked. When I just use regular show/hide button code, the button shows in every item in the repeater. I just want it to show in the item that has the checked box. Thanks in advance!

@terrymccorvie In the documentation, have a look at the repeater introduction , specifically the section entitled “Repeated Item Scope”. It may take a little for the concept to sink in, but it will eventually. The key is that you end up referring to the repeater elements that you want to access using the $item selector rather than the typical $w.

Here is my code that does not work:

$w . onReady ( function () {

$w ( '#TeamAppdata' ). onReady (() => { 
    $w ( '#repeater1' ). onItemReady (( $item ,  itemData ) => { 

        $item ( "#checkSelect" ). onChange (( event ) => { 

        **if**  ( $item ( '#checkSelect' ). checked ) { 
           $item ( '#btnAddToTeam' ). show (); 
        }  **else**  { 
            $item ( '#btnAddToTeam' ). hide ();