Showcase Slider - How to centre the first image?

Hi, I’m rather new to Wix, but know some html/css/js so hopefully that can help me where needed.

I’m looking to create a carousel pretty much the same as this one (which was made in Wix):

But I’m struggling to get anywhere near it!

First thing that I’m trying to do is that, once I’ve made the Showcase Slider full width and set it to loop images, the first image always appears on the left. of the screen and you cannot go left, even though set to loop, loop seems to only reset once you have gone all the way right once. I’d like it to start central with the user having a choice of going left and right as they please (exactly as the example), if someone has any ideas how to help, please fire away! :slight_smile:

If you have simply used the Showcase Slider type of gallery from within the Wix Editor itself, then you need to be going through Wix Support for help with your issue as it is not code related for which the Wix Corvid Forum is to be used for.