Signing up/logging in as a member before booking an appointment

Is it possible to ask a user to create an account or sign into their existing account on Wix Booking before actually booking the appointment?
I want to ask the users to sign into their account or make one if they don’t already have one, after selecting a service and before the appointment is confirmed. In Wix Booking that would be the “Add your info” section.

Wix Bookings have their own Support pages here.

As for the Booking Form and the Add Your Info part, this is what you can add there only.

Finally, if you use Wix Members app, then members will already have their own My Bookings page already which allows clients to log in to quickly re-book.

Otherwise, as this is still a Wix app, you are better suited asking Wix Support if this can be integrated into the Wix Bookings app if it is not already listed in it’s settings.