Single gallery made of multiple databases

Hi community,
In an attempt to stay organised I paused creating a massive database and opted for several databases instead, 7 in total.
I now wish to create a ’ recently added ’ gallery on my home page which draws data from across all databases. Is this possible?

Or do I need to revert to my previous method of a single database?
Can I create a master-database which draws information from sub-databases?

I’ve had a look into reference fields but struggled to make it work for me. Attached are 3 of my 7 databases. If this is possible could someone give me quite specific guidelines to follow to achieve this please.

Any guidance will be appreciated.
Austin. J

Yes, can be done, either with a .and , see
(but I do not know if this works across different Collections (which you call databases), you will have to try) or by some nifty handwork: every query returns a .items array. Now, the tables you showed “look” pretty much equal, but I only see the labels, not the field keys. Assuming the keys are identical, you can do this:

  1. query collection 1, save .items into an array
  2. query collection 2, add .items to above array using array.push()
  3. etc.
    If field keys are not the same across Collections, you will have to do some pre-processing to get values into identical field keys.