Site listed as "untitled" on google

Ok, on google search my site appears as “untitled”. Through the EditorX built in tools I have told it not to do this and appear as something else, yet it still appears wrong. I have attached an image below.

In the editor, pull out the page directory on the left, navigate to that page and click on the three dots at right. Address your page settings, permissions, and SEO.

Already done this and has no effect, any other suggestions?

I’ve generally seen this happen when Google crawls the site before the page was ready. If you’ve checked and updated the SEO settings of the page, you can manually request a recrawl , which can take a bit for it to show on search engine results.

This article may help as it mentions other things that could be affecting it, such as custom code.

P.S. I tried searching for the site on google but I didn’t see any results and the site seems down. Not sure if that’s expected at the moment.