SOLVED! What is wrong with my filter and sort codes

I set up buttons to filter my database on ‘homie’ page
and i used this format for each related button:

for filter:
export function buttonName_onClick() {
$w(‘#dataset1’).setFilter( wixData.filter().eq(‘field’, ‘string’) );

and for sort:
export function endingButton_onClick() {
$w(‘#dataset1’).setSort( wixData.sort()
.ascending(‘field’) );


The field name i use in all filterings is the same and it is ‘sector’ and i currently have 3 items on my database which are ‘Gaming’ - ‘Technology’ - ‘Data Processing’
only Gaming is working the others are not working. Why is this happening how can i fix this?

Thank you!

Please post your URL so we can investigate.

Thank you

The values in your database collection don’t match the strings that you want to search for:

‘Gaming’ - ‘Technology’ - ‘Data Processing’

Technology️ - the y is not a plain y, it is a special character y️
Data️ Processing - the second a in Data is a special character a️

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How is that happening? i just type Data Processing - Technology etc…

Some of your characters could change if you copied them from a source that uses different encoding, notice that you use UTF-8 and that the code is written correctly in the editor

I’m just showing you what I see in your database. Perhaps special “Turkish”(?) characters.

I typed them correct and manually. I really have no idea + it was showing all right on my screen

Anyways i fixed by typing them again manually. Working now thanks a lot