Some Questions on Website Performance(database, bandwidth and sync)

This post was posted on the Wix forum two days ago yet we didn’t receive any comments on the topics. We noticed that the velo forum is more active, therefore we repost the following here hoping for some help even though some of the questions might not be closely related to velo coding. We apologize if we violate any posting rules or regulations.

Here’s the questions:

We’re working on a typical job matching website and a few problems hit me up.

  1. Database performance
    Our website aims to match the right worker for the right employer, just like an usual job matching website. At current stage it is hard to predict the number of users in the future, but it is projected to have at least a few thousands of them as active users and maybe up to a hundred of them using the website simultaneously. If we plan to store all kinds of users’ and jobs’ info into the Wix database and call them using Velo codes or directly link to tables and other elements in dynamic page, should we expect a low traffic speed which might affect user experience? Is Wix database capable of handling more traffic if the website grow larger later on?

  2. Bandwidth
    We’re currently on the “Unlimited” plan which states an unlimited bandwidth different with “Combo” or “Connect Domain”. In “Combo” plan the bandwidth available is 2GB. However, we believed that bandwidth is supposed to refer to networking speed? What concerned us is that given the above working scenario is Wix server strong enough to offer smooth user experience when there is high traffic?

  3. Syncing data between website and app
    It is one of our plans to also develop a mobile app similar to the website. Currently we plan to store most data in Wix database, is it possible to call the data from a mobile app and sync them real-time? If we have to use an external database service or other kinds of systems which/what service would you recommend?

It would be great help to us if you could answer any of the above questions or share your experience with us. Thanks in advance.

  1. Wix Data support high capacity of data, if you have 100K data items, please contact Wix support (they might help you to open higher API call frequency)

  2. Bandwidth not equal to speed. Not related to slow. Wix using Amazon CDN (all over the world). Strong enough.

  3. Using external API is easier I think. You can use Google’s API.

Hi Certified Code, thank you for your advice! Really appreciate that!

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