Source Code Control / Backups

It would be great to get some kind of simple source code control added to the system or at least the ability to take a snapshot/backup when you want to preserve the state of your code/site. Thanks!

Hi dmz,
are you familiar with wix’s site revisions?
each time you save or publish a site, a revision is created.
that revision contains the code you wrote as part of the site.

so in essence it’s a trivial source control tool…
you can always revert to an version of your code that was saved as part of a site save.

is that what you’re looking for?

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As Ziv replied, there’s the site revisions option for a built-in function, but if you need the source this page has information on how to retrieve a simple version of it: Viewing Your Page's Source Code the Way Search Engines Do | Help Center |
I personally dislike storing backups of a site on the site I used to make it, because chances are if my Wix site goes down Wix is down too and my revisions would be gone. Much prefer to download the html/source