Staff portal for ordering equipment

Hi all,

I’ve been asked by the director to integrate into the website a staff portal, where employees can log in to the portal using their allocated credentials and order new work equipment, such as new helmets or safety glasses.

This should then notify our stock manager who can allocate the requests to the employees.

It should also track the equipment requested by each employee, so we can see if they’re requesting new stock too frequently.

I’m aware this could be quite a task, but if anyone has any tips or leads they can give me, I’ll look into it further.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Lewis,

You could start with a custom form that saved the data into a collection and proceed from there according to the organisational needs.

Check out this example

Otherwise, you might want to consider hiring an expert.
Check out the WixArena - it’s a hub where you can look for Corvid (and other) experts for hire.