Submenu Click

Hi All,

My website is here: www.stratusx .com

I’d like to be able to do one of two things.

When the user clicks on a Solutions drop down item from the menu in the header…


  1. The Solutions page opens and that specific slide from the slide show is open.

  2. The Solutions page opens along with a specific light box.

I’ve tried using wix-storage, setitem and getitem to send a parameter but the line

import {local, session, memory} from ‘wix-storage’ ;

is greyed out in my code and doesnt work.

I’ve tried setting up a new menu in velo onhover opening container boxes with the drop down menu as buttons, then using onclick commands to do two actions - go to page and then open a certain slide, but without being able to use wix-storage, this doesn’t work.

I’ve tried opening lightbox and then opening new page, but the lightbox closes when the new page opens.

Can anyone help with this - nothing is working for me

Thank you.

Please share your code (in a code block) so that we can see what you are doing. Your import statement would be greyed out if you are not using any of the imported names. You don’t need to import all three (local, session, memory), rather only the one that you decide best suits your purpose.

Please note that it is best not to create multiple posts on the same subject as it reduces your chances of getting assistance.

I’m sorry Yisrael. I posted this yesterday and received 2 views and no responses in 24 hours, so I tried to solve the problem myself. As I tackled the problem I uncovered different issues and then posted them as separate questions. I’ve resolved most of my issues in this post, aside from knowing if I can add the event to the action of clicking on the wix drop down menu options from the standard navigation bar. I don’t know if this is possible?