Subscription for companies

Hi, we are using the Wix Members Area and Subscriptions and want to offer our customers the possibility to have one admin that can buy one subscription for the whole company he registers on our site.

  1. User signs up on our site

  2. User adds his company.

  3. When the company is registered the user that added the company is assigned as admin for the company.

  4. To be able to use advanced features like adding members the admin has to select a Pricing Plan.

  5. When the admin adds members (by emails) to the company on our site we would like them to be included in the same subscription.

Problem: If we restrict page permissions by Pricing Plans, everybody using the site with different logins need to have separate subscriptions. This is not what we want.

If we restrict page permission by Member Roles, we need to be able to update Member Roles when somebody orders or cancels a plan. The problem here is that we haven’t figured out how to update Member Roles according to the status of the admin subscription in a convenient way. Since Wix Members Area page My Subscriptions is coded in such a way that we cant follow up when an order is canceled except by regularly checking getCurrentMemberOrders() and even then it might be possible that the admin cancel the order and just exit the site and we fail to update the Member Roles of the other members in the company.

Our best shot at the moment is to use getCurrentMemberOrders() and extract the id and status of the order to be able to know the status. Depending on the status we can then update Member Roles of company members.

Would be grateful to get some advice on how to better set up subscriptions for companies/teams.