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Hello people,

I have 3 question that I couldn’t find a conclusive answer.

1 - How do I order my “tab” function? For example, I’m building a client form so they should type their Nickname > Email > Password, and I usually fill those forms with the TAB function on the keyboard, but when I hit TAB it goes from the NICKNAME straight to PASSWORD instead of all the elements. How do I check wich position they are?

2 - My collections of clients should be able to submit a person with the same email. How do I place a checker to search for the already submited emails and nicknames?

3 - For now my clients on my collection are not the same as in “WixMembers” right? It will be a different kind of control if use both? I don’t feel like using the WixMember now that I have the collections feature


  1. As for the tab order, please review this thread .
  2. You can create an onClick event for the submit button, run a query to check if the email / nickname exists and use the insert function in case it does not exist.
  3. If you refer to the Contacts Dashboard, than yes, the collection is simply a database which is not related to the Contacts dashboard. If this is not what you were referring, please send us a screenshot so that we can better understand what you were referring.


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I have a question as same as number 3 of this thread.
I have created a booking form page and set it member-login only page. As my clients they have already been a site member and logged in to the page to make an order on the booking form. If I don’t put an email field on the form, can I know that the booking come from which site member? As they will make the booking many time later so it quite be annoyed if they have to refill the email over and over again.

Looking for your reply


Hi Janet,
As mentioned above, there’s no option to get the info from the Contacts dashboard. Therefore, there’s no option to compare the information of a logged in user ( which was logged in to a member-login page ) with information saved to your DB collection.

I hope it’s clear.